Good Service Is Good Business

This “About Us” page is not about the company, more importantly, it’s about the people. Each person, regardless of rank or responsibility, understands that they don’t work for a company – they are the company.

This belief forms our commitment to exceptional customer service. Merely satisfying customers is not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service to gain repeat business and referral.

We believe that a customer doesn’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. At Q5, our people bring together decades of award-winning innovation and service that thousands of customers have come to rely on and respect.

Team Q5

Lee Barnes

Lee Barnes founded QCC as Quick Connect Communications in 2001, and continues to play an active role in the company as President and CEO. A veteran of 24 years in the telecommunications industry, Lee spent much of his career as a technician, garnering practical experience as well as over 75 telecommunications certifications, 10 security certifications, and multiple data certifications. As such, Lee remains an integral part of
QCC’s service operations. Before beginning his career in telecommunications, Lee served for 6 years as an NCO in the United States Air Force. He was an Honor Graduate from the United States Air Force Security Police Academy, and earned both the Top Gun Award and the Air Force Commendation Medal.

Louis Brand

Louis Brand has over two decades of experience in telecommunications, performing several roles including Technician, Project Manager, Service Manager and Sales Engineer. Currently serving in sales, Louis is leveraging years of technical knowledge to assist customers in designing best practices for their voice solutions. In an ever changing landscape of technology, Louis brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and ability to think outside the box to deliver the best in class solutions to his customers.

Diane Davidson

Diane Davidson is the Office Manager for QCC and oversees the Accounting Department. She has over 20 years of Accounting and Management experience in the manufacturing and construction industry. She has been part of Think Tank Teams to help develop standard operating procedures and improve efficiency.

Bill Brandt

A long time QCC customer while with Johns Hopkins, Bill Brandt was brought into QCC as Accounting Services Manager in 2006. A lifelong telecommunications veteran, Bill served 15 years as translations engineer for Bell Atlantic, where he developed Automatic Translation Input Software (ATIS). He then spent the next two decades
as Manager of Telecommunications and Repair at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, where he oversaw the entirety of their multi-site configuration.

Greg Sandruck

Greg Sandruck is the Service Manager for QCC, and oversees the entire Service Department. He has over a decade of experience in telecommunications, having begun his career as a technician. He has a strong base of practical knowledge, and is an Avaya Certified Support Specialist. Greg also has formal training in data communications, and a background in freelance software development and web design.

Jim Ward

With 6 years in Telecommunications, Jim holds a BA in Business from the University of Baltimore. Before coming to Q5, Jim was with Nielsen TV Ratings and had also served as President of his local BNI chapter. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his kids, Abigail and Anthony in soccer and spending time with his wife, Christine.