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When Redundancy is Good


As more and more businesses can no longer deny the ROI Calculations involved in a Cloud Based telephone system, one hidden benefit they should also consider is redundancy. A proprietary telephone system has a single point of failure. If a component fails, it usually involves a very timely and expensive repair, whereas a Cloud based system has built in redundancy. For example, Q5 Cloud Solutions utilize Quad Redundancy, that is, four points of recovery. Should the primary entry point into the cloud fail to connect, there are three other avenues that insure a successful connection. Call Routing, Auto Attendants, Voicemail Boxes are all supported by this redundant technology, something a Proprietary System Infrastructure model cannot equal without great expense. Since Quad Technology exists in the Cloud in multiple locations, the risk of a catastrophic event is exponentially reduced. Should something disastrous happens to your business – fire, flood, theft, etc., a Cloud Based telephone system by Q5 Networks will continue to provide your business seamless service.

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